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The experts at CK Constructions take great pride in helping you wade through what can be a confusing task: choosing the right door system and windows for your home and your budget. We work closely with you to weigh all of the available options, comprehensively explaining the benefits and features of each, and helping you select the ideal door or windows for your needs. But even the finest quality door or windows’ looks and performance can be compromised by improper installation. Improper installation, even with a quality door and windows, can lead to long-term problems in everything from operation and appearance to lost energy efficiency. At CK Constructions, certified installers take extra time and extra care to ensure that your door or window is installed properly. You can relax knowing that your beautiful new door or widows will work properly and protect for years to come.

How to Get Started

Here at CK Constructions we specialize in all types of Doors and Windows.  And it’s our ironclad satisfaction guarantee on all work done with an extended warranty on all materials used materials that are the cornerstones in the foundation that our reputation is built on. So now is the time to turn plans into real solutions by filling out our contact form for your free, no obligation window or door inspection/consultation as the first step towards getting your job done right.

When you need an escape, let our Sun-Room addition contractor create the ultimate sanctuary. Also known as all season rooms, these spaces let in the light and create a breathtaking view of the outdoors for you to enjoy. No matter what the weather is like outside, you are safe inside of your Sun-Room. There is no need to worry about bugs, rain, or other issues. Our sunrooms are built based on your personal preferences. They are made to complement the existing architecture of your house while creating a casual living space. Large windows give you a panoramic view of your front or backyard, while enabling you to control the temperature of the room.

Adding a sunroom is a great way to create more space, as well as up the value of your property. They act a lot like patios, except they protect you from inclement weather. You can enjoy a sunroom addition during any time of the year. In fact, some homeowners use their sunroom as an indoor garden or conservatory because of the amount of light available. 

You can use this space as an entertainment area for guests or a relaxing getaway from the rest of the house. We recommend decorating your sunroom with comfortable furniture that is able to withstand large amounts of sunlight, such as outdoor couches and tables. Our experienced general contractor can help you come up with more ideas on how to best use this space.

You can have a Florida room in Virginia with services from our remodeling company. Your relatives and friends are sure to be in awe by your new space. Usually made from a combination of brick, cement, and wood as a base, the main part of your new sunroom will be built from clear insulated glass or storm windows, so they can protect you against all kinds of weather. 

If you want fresh air without having to step outside, the windows can be replaced with screens that prevent bugs from coming inside but allow airflow to go through. The ceiling can also have glass or plastic panels to allow even more light into the area, ideal for greenhouses and conservatories.