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When it comes time for you to apply siding to your home, CK Constructions is a company that you can trust to get the job done correctly and in a timely manner while ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Our rock solid reputation since 1999 in the northern Virginia area assures you that your expectation will not only be met, but also exceeded. So let us get you one step closer to the home of your dreams by simply filling out our no obligation quote inquiry and help you boost both the beauty and value of your new home, with new siding that’s guaranteed to withstand the test of time. 

It’s not hard to see why so many home owners opt for today’s new and improved, quick-install vinyl siding that’s made from reformulated vinyl, that is resistant to cracks and withstands the elements better than ever. In most cases this type of siding is applied right over existing siding, creating a brand-new look that will last for decades, without the need for repainting. Our siding comes in a variety of fade resistant colors with optional foam insulation backing.

Our exterior siding installers bring the expertise you are looking for and are manufacturer certified. we can help you with everything from Mastic's vinyl siding, cedar impression siding, to James hardie's fiber cement siding. James Hardie siding is a fiber cement siding that encompasses durability and protection from the weather, while also providing beauty and long lasting color to the exterior of your home. We can also install shutters, awnings and/or any aluminum coverages.

Fiber cement siding is a relatively new concept to the industry and has really caught on with business owners and homeowners alike. Its natural wood look, complimented by its outstanding durability are just a few of the many factors that set James Hardie siding apart from other alternatives. Although fiber cement siding is costlier and labor intensive, its durability and appearance outweigh the cost associated. 


A Job Done Right

The experts at CK Constructions take great pride in helping you wade through what can be a confusing task: choosing the right door system and windows for your home and your budget. We work closely with you to weigh all of the available options, comprehensively explaining the benefits and features of each, and helping you select the ideal door or windows for your needs. But even the finest quality door or windows’ looks and performance can be compromised by improper installation. Improper installation, even with a quality door and windows, can lead to long-term problems in everything from operation and appearance to lost energy efficiency. At CK Constructions, certified installers take extra time and extra care to ensure that your door or window is installed properly. You can relax knowing that your beautiful new door or widows will work properly and protect for years to come.

How to Get Started

Here at CK Constructions we specialize in all types of Doors and Windows.  And it’s our ironclad satisfaction guarantee on all work done with an extended warranty on all materials used materials that are the cornerstones in the foundation that our reputation is built on. So now is the time to turn plans into real solutions by filling out our contact form for your free, no obligation window or door inspection/consultation as the first step towards getting your job done right.