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A Job Done Right

The experts at CK Constructions take great pride in helping you wade through what can be a confusing task: choosing the right door system and windows for your home and your budget. We work closely with you to weigh all of the available options, comprehensively explaining the benefits and features of each, and helping you select the ideal door or windows for your needs. But even the finest quality door or windows’ looks and performance can be compromised by improper installation. Improper installation, even with a quality door and windows, can lead to long-term problems in everything from operation and appearance to lost energy efficiency. At CK Constructions, certified installers take extra time and extra care to ensure that your door or window is installed properly. You can relax knowing that your beautiful new door or widows will work properly and protect for years to come.

How to Get Started

Here at CK Constructions we specialize in all types of Doors and Windows.  And it’s our ironclad satisfaction guarantee on all work done with an extended warranty on all materials used materials that are the cornerstones in the foundation that our reputation is built on. So now is the time to turn plans into real solutions by filling out our contact form for your free, no obligation window or door inspection/consultation as the first step towards getting your job done right.


Adding space to your home is a large undertaking. Having trust in our remodeling experts to guide you through the process ensures that your needs are met with expertise and empathy. We go beyond the basics of seamlessly blending architecture and style to that of your original home.

For over 15 years, the experts at CK Constructions have specialized in designing and building home additions that enhance your life, not just enlarge your home. 

  • Kitchen and family room additions
  • Mater bedroom and in-laws suites
  • Home office and den additions
  • Garage and porch additions.

Why pay large fees to a third party designer and run the risk of designing a project that costs too much to build? What happens when you pay for those plans and a problem arises? Rather than spending more money with an outside designer, consider the opportunities presented by working with one company who can handle all aspects of the project from beginning to end. At CK Constructions, we can design to meet your needs, whether that is with the budget in mind or to achieve another goal. The benefits to having one partner throughout the process include:

  • Reduced investment in drawings. The design process is a means to an end... the end being the actual construction of your project. A Design / Build remodeler such as CK Constructions make it's living off the construction of projects, so you will not pay exorbitant fees for the drawings up front.
  • Designs that will fit your projected budget. Too often, third party designs get priced and ultimately exceed the client's budget in such a way that the project never gets completed and the design fees are literally a wasted investment. CK Constructions knows the cost of construction and is much more likely to create professional drawings for your project that effectively fit within your budget.
  • Accountability-When CK Construction designs and builds your project, there is a single point of accountability and it becomes our responsibility to proactively address issues. This eliminates the challenges that arise when there is a dispute between the contractor and an architect. In the contractor / architect scenario, you cannot help but to become involved as the homeowner, which creates unnecessary stress and anxiety for you. Handling every aspect of your project from design through production allows for a more condensed schedule. We are able to look ahead early in the design phase and create a more seamless transition through the selection process and into construction.